When It Comes to Workplace Well-Being, Leaders Need to Think Like a Scientist

Overusing the label of “wellness” is a growing market trend that indicates both employees and leaders are prioritizing health—but how can leaders find out which programs are worth their time or investment? In order to sift out the chaff, leaders need to ask the right questions and take an intentional, evidence-based approach to supporting their […]

Shared Experiences Don’t Always Lead to Better Understanding

“Me too” are two powerful words that express solidarity with others, but new research finds that sharing a past similar experience might hinder your ability to understand what the other person is really going through. The post Shared Experiences Don’t Always Lead to Better Understanding appeared first on Mindful.

The Science of Wonder

Experiencing everyday wonder can help us see that we’re part of something bigger. Science shows that this exquisite emotion can quiet our inner critic, reduce stress, loneliness, and physical distress, and bring a sense of expanded time, perspective, and connection. The post The Science of Wonder appeared first on Mindful.