Help! My Tour Got Canceled But Travel Insurance Won’t Pay

Destruction from Hurricane Ian led a tour operator to cancel a 10-day excursion to Cuba, leaving a woman with a useless $1,500 plane ticket. That’s what travel insurance is for, right? Our columnist dives into the red tape.

What to Know About Biden’s Compensation Plan for Flight Delays and Cancellations

If a proposed federal rule takes effect, airlines will have to pay passengers for meals, hotels, ground transportation and lost time if the disruption was caused by the carrier.

Help! Spirit Airlines Left Us Behind in Guatemala City

A family got a text alert that their flight was delayed, but no follow-up that the delay was rescinded. Our columnist finds that the airline played by the rules, as unfair as they may seem.

Help! The Law Says Lufthansa Owes Me Money, but I Can’t Collect.

The European Union has strict rules about refunds for flight cancellations and delays, but the German airline has racked up complaints about its willingness to make things right. Our columnist faces down the bureaucracy.